The Orquesta de Tango de Barcelona , "Latitud Tango" was born in August 2007 with the main interest of being able to give training and interpret the style of tango at an orchestral level . It is formed by a group of amateur musicians of different nationalities (mainly of Catalan and Argentinian origin, although all / as they live in Catalonia) who have united with a single interest and is to approach the world of the typical orchestras and the origins and the culture of tango from one of the most important aspects that is through its music. Its main objectives are to spread the Argentine instrumental tango in Catalonia and promote the Argentine-Catalan cultural exchange.

History of our entity

Barcelona’s tango orchestra school is a privileged way of learning where students and teachers gather. The proximity of the teachers with the students makes the learning process of the tango spirit easier (accents, articulations, sonority, phrasing, etc.).
Through this training a large part of the history of tango will be covered.
In this context of a music school, a training school orchestra provide the access to another musical genre.
Moreover, the expressive richness of tango and the addition of new elements help the students to enrich their performances even in other repertoires.
The tango is approached as a new teaching technique that includes both jazz and classical music elements, a unique synthesis applicable to all kinds of music.


What do we offer?

One of the goals of Latitud Tango is TRAINING. Every year we got open spots for ALL those interested in learning the technique of tango through any of the orchestra's instruments.
The course goal is to convey the theoretical foundations of tango to the musicians from middle and upper level, and with these elements be able to perform the style in an individual and orchestral atmosphere.
The goal of the course is to learn the techniques and resources of the tango style, the practice of all musical elements and finally, through individual learning of each instrument being able too play in an ensemble.

Promotion of the the orchestral Tango in Barcelona, Catalonia and the rest of Europe.<br />
Learn the medium and high level of tango’s knowledge for all instruments.
Perform a set of concerts to promote the city of Barcelona through tango music.
Encourage and promote the music of tango particularly among the young crowd.
Encourage the cultural exchange between Catalonia and Argentina.